22 February 2012

Dallas not Dubai....

I am taking a break from Dubai....partly because I have several revelations about this desert 'jewel' I cannot share for fear of offending people I have come to know, like and respect that live and work here...but more because of something going on in my home city and undergrad that have monopolized my attention... 


Recently I had been 'arguing 'on my Facebook wall, the (UD) after hours series presents page (link below) and the UD Alumni page, for the reinstatement of the staged reading of Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet; that the University of Dallas, my conservative Catholic school in Dallas, Texas had until recently, cancelled.

I argued for its reinstatement based on the idea that as an institution with a strong core curriculum; high intellectual, moral and ethical standards attended by individuals with faithful convictions, that the students,  faculty and staff could allow this play. 

I am happy to report that this play will take place this Friday, February 24 at 11:30pm. I don't pretend or suggest that my arguments swayed anyone's decision to the positive. I do hope those of you that are in the Dallas area might take a break from your night out to go to UD and support it, the actors, the drama department and the University; for embracing this challenge and finding a way to make it happen that as I see it from here, is suitable to all. The information, including a map, to UD (across the highway from the old Texas Stadium;( is here: 

For my final statement I posted; and if you want to comment and share your thoughts and opinions about this, read on....I have edited only slightly cause I originally posted it from my phone:)

What's next?